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Obstacles are impossible to Surpass

Some passages in The Stones of Yalmrith have complicated obstacles paths , in this case please make sure to study the patterns of each obstacle and try to find a fast response by using Andor base mechanics , jump/crouch/ or walking slowly.

Some obstacles needs special behavior from Andor :

1- Projectiles / Bolts  -  The best possible way to avoid projectiles is to make sure you are in the right position , in case of heavy projectiles with no escape zone please make sure you synch when you crouch and when you walk.

2- Swinging Obstacles - Some swinging obstacles are simple to pass , others needs a good start positioning before running, others can be surpassed easily by crouching.

3- Saws and Rotating Mechanics - The rotating obstacles needs a good strategy for when and where you start the passage and also when and where you crouch.

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